The 2009 Atlanta Music Convention | Aug. 29th & 30th, 2009

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Schedule of Events Posted for This Year’s Atlanta Music Convention 2009

of Events Posted for This Years Atlanta Music Convention 2009. Come
join over 2000 industry professionals including Music Executives,
Artists, Radio Personalities, Producers, A&R Representatives, Video
Producers, Booking Agents and many more.

Atlanta, GA, August 26, 2009 –(–
On August 29th & 30th 2009, Nina K. Easton, President/CEO of many
entertainment companies and Co-Founder of the hit machine Ichiban
Records will host the Atlanta Music Convention at the Georgia World
Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

“The goal of this
convention is to finally have a forum where Industry Specialists and
Innovators give real information, contacts, explanations and ideas in 7
different Seminars done by experts in their specialty; something you
can actually use”, says Easton. “Having an opportunity to network and
being able to get ‘One on One’ time to show your talent in front of
decision makers’ be it movie supervisors, label representatives, gaming
and publishers is priceless!”

This convention will host many
panels and seminars covering topics of Digital and Physical
Distribution, Publishing, A&R, Songwriting, Management, Marketing
& Sales, Gaming and Licensing. She adds, “The goal of these
seminars is to take a new look at the views and opportunities in
today’s music industry and identify all the different options
available, instead of using the traditional process, like selling a CD
or sell a track on Itunes. We feel that it will be some time before
physical sales are totally gone but there are more alternatives than

The event promises to be one of fun and fundamentals. It
is one of the few productive and successful chances aspiring musicians
and digital media artists have to represent their work and gain
valuable feedback. Atlanta is well known for its presence in music
industry. It is important to continue this tradition of representation
and support by calling upon the community to learn and gain from this
opportunity all they can enhancing the music industry, the local
Atlanta music community, and ultimately themselves.

Sponsors for
this year’s convention include T-Mobile, Monster Energy Drink, ITunes,
IMG International INC., Jive Records, MDI Distribution, INC., So-So Def
Records, 404 Music, Computer Arena, Kivi Marketing, 822 Artist
Management, Soundcheck INC. and Crossover Studios, Stack That
Entertainment, and many more.

The Atlanta Music Convention is
the best way for all aspiring participants to improve their careers,
regardless of genre. Independents are in a very good position to
progress in the music industry by preparing themselves for multiple
opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Convention Schedule
Saturday August 29th

10:00-10:15 – Convention Welcome by Host – Nina K. Easton
10:15-11:15 – Lost Art of Artist Development – Justin Glaeser- President Kivi Marketing Inc.
11:30-01:00 – Online Marketing for Money – Chuck Woo Managing Director of Woo Media Works;
3:00 –Check Out U.S “Gaming Arena” stop by “Stack That Ent” label booth
& Monster Energy Booth. Chris Rickwood available in the Gaming Hall
03:00-4:00 – How the #*?!* Did This Song Get On The Radio? –Randy Sadd, President of Protocol Music
04:00-5:00 – Show Me the Money/ Multi Revenue Streams & Distribution- Laurie Montgomery, President, MDI Distribution Inc.

State Of The Industry Panel: “Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full” August 29th 5:15-6:30
Randy Sadd: Moderator
Wendy Day: CEO of Label Building/President of Rap Coalition, True Urban Music Business Professional
Boo: Gold-Selling Artist; ft. R Kelly, Lil Wayne, Boo & Gotti, and many more!!!
Jimmy Bird: Americana/Rock/Country, Producer, Crossover Studios in Atlanta
Ford: 19 Gold and Platinum recorded with Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Ludacris, etc.
NSilo: Platinum producer; Artists include- Match Box 20, Carlos Santana & Killer Mike, From the Production duo Beat Bullies
Nina K Easton: Convention Host, 404 Music, IMG Int., Publishing, Author, Co-founder, Ichiban Records

Sunday August 30th

– To Be Seen/ Video and TV Ads- Timothy Saldin, Dylan Wintersteen &
Brian Carbaugh from Brink Sanity Productions, Inc.
11:30-01:00 –
Marketing/Graphics/PR and the Kitchen Sink- CEO Nina K. Easton, 404
Music/IMG International, INC. and President of EOS Style, Garry Campbell
1:15-1:30 – One of the best Beat Box artists in the US will give us a taste of his unique talent. Steven Canton aka Heaven
– Network & have a chat with Crossover Ent! Clients include Janet
Jackson, Elton John, Yung Jeezy etc.; Facilities include state of the
art studio and rehearsal space (Crossover Studios has provided to this
convention all PA equipment, Microphones, and stages)
3:00-4:00 –
It’s Your Money /Publishing- John E. Abbey, CEO, John Abbey
Representation and Co-Founder of Ichiban Records & Kia Kamran,
Senior Partner, Tunelaw, Inc.

Music is everywhere and so are the revenue streams
August 30th 4pm-6pm

Nina K. Easton: Moderator
“Pebbles” McKissack (Reid): Co-Founder of LaFace Records, Chart topping
artist of her own right as a songwriter, Recording Artist, &
Producer. Perri is a minister of ‘WOGCL” Ministries, and just released
a Gospel record.

Chirs Rickwood: Gaming Music Supervisor Producer, President, Rickwood Music
DJ Unk: Gold selling artist, “Walk It Out”, “2Step” and many more
Chuck Woo: Managing Director of Woo Media Works
Kia Kamran: Senior Partner, Tune Law, Entertainment law
Greenberg: Best known for his computer game development and
role-playing games. Organizer of SIEGE Expo: uniting Gaming industry
leading artists, programmers, designers, audio engineers, writers,
teachers and business executives for opportunities

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