The Brand New Heavies to Appear at The Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival | Feb. 17th, 2010

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Acid jazz masters The Brand New Heavies to perform at the Skywards
Dubai International Jazz Festival 2010 on February 17th, 2010 at Dubai
Media city

Best described as the pioneers of the London
acid jazz scene, the Brand New Heavies sparkled in the 1970s epoque of
funk music; however they initiated a huge popularity for classic soul
in an era dominated by hip-hop. Formed in 1985 by long-time school
friends, drummer/keyboardist Jan Kincaid, guitarist Simon Bartholomew,
and bassist/keyboardist Andrew Levy.

The band had a remarkable
and inimitable style throughout their musical journey and recording
history, inspired by the James Brown and Meters records. Their
popularity first excelled starting from Cat in the Hat Club.

year 1994, the band witnessed a huge success for their Brother Sister,
which went platinum in Britain. In 1999, the group released a best-of
album in Europe called Trunk Funk: The Best of the Brand New Heavies; A
similarly-titled album, Trunk Funk Classics 1991-2000, was released in
the US in 2000.

Their name and signature releases are highly and
continuously applauded by a huge fan base worldwide, securing them the
identity of the Acid Jazz masters and pioneers.

“the Brand New
Heavies show will greatly add on to the festival, they are considered a
legendary name in the world of acid jazz music genre as well as for
their regional fan base, we are sure their show will be remarkable and
exciting” declared Anthony Younes, founder and organizer of the

The Brand New Heavies will perform on the night of
February 17th, 2010 at Dubai Media City Amphitheater. The same night
will feature Jmaes Taylor Quartet, U-Nam and headlined by the Lebanese
musician and composer Ziad Rahbani.

For tickets release date
information and line-up details, please visit or call
Chillout Productions on 04 3911196.

About Chillout Productions:

Productions, founders, and organizers of the Skywards Dubai
International Jazz Festival acquired the 2009 What’s On Award for the
3rd time, after two consecutive years 2006 & 2007, and the Middle
East Award for “The Best Public Entertainment Event in The Middle East
2008 as part of the Event 360 and the award for Best Marketing of an
Event in 2009 with several other nominations.

Skywards Dubai
International Jazz Festival has grown to become an annual entertainment
icon in the UAE and the whole region, drawing fans from all around the
world. Attendance in 2006 topped 21, 500, 25, 000 in 2007 and 28, 500
music lovers for the 2008 edition, with a scoring record of 30, 000
fans in 2009 throughout 10 days. Each year, the festival features a
diversified international line-up of legendary Grammy award-winning
artists and critically acclaimed Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, Indie and
contemporary groups.

The first thing that comes to mind when
thinking of the Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival is the
audience: undoubtedly the classiest crowd of any musical event in our
city with more CEOs, Chairmen, MDs and GMs per square foot than any
business district in town!