1st Annual Pangea Jazz Fest in N.Y. | Nov. 15th, 2015

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Pangea Jazz Fest -2015


First-ever New York Festival of World Jazz Debuts at Drom on Sunday, November 15. Twelve Hours of Continuous World Jazz at DROM – 85 Ave A, Manhattan, Sunday, Nov 15 – 2:00pm to 2:00am.

To bring attention to and to celebrate that journey, Michael Katsobashvili, founder and the director of the New York Hot Jazz Festival, in partnership with Serdar Ilhan and Mehmet Dede of DROM, announce Pangea Jazz Fest – New York’s first festival dedicated exclusively to world jazz which will be held on Sunday, November 15th (2pm -2am) at DROM in Manhattan’s East Village. Pangea Jazz Fest gathers an all-star collective of many of the city’s top world jazz practitioners who combine jazz with the traditions of music from all around the world. During 12 nearly continuous hours of world jazz by some of its finest exponents, who will reflect the multicultural musical mosaic of New York City, the festival will highlight the fact that jazz is both a universal language and a catalyst of unity.

“Jazz is a symbolic force that pulls the continents together back into one, hence the name of the festival, ” says festival director Michael Katsobashvili. “It is a musical art form that knows no boundaries, thus is truly global. Though Jazz was born in the US, its ancestry and roots come from outside of America’s borders from a multitude of musical traditions. Music from virtually any culture, be it Flamenco, Romany/Gypsy music, Arabic Maqam or Indian Ragas, can be played as jazz, or infused with enough jazz ideas to create a unique sound of world/jazz fusion. We will present the widest variety of traditions that we can, not only to entertain, but to bring people together and to place jazz in a more global context.”

Festival attendees will journey from East Africa to Eastern Europe, from South-East Asia to South America, and from North America to West Africa. By focusing on the geographically sprawling Romany/Gypsy musical influences, the festival will also take listeners from Western Europe to Western Asia via the Balkans. In some cases the festival will highlight very different jazz influences from the same country, such as Colombia’s cumbia and joropo.

• Gregoire Maret Invites Edmar Castaneda

• Stephane Wrembel Band

• Michele Rosewoman’ New Yor-Uba

• Slavic Soul Party! – Duke Ellington’s Far East Suite

• Oran Etkin’s Kelenia

• Gregorio Uribe Big Band

with Sofia Rei

• Prasanna – All Terrain Guitar

• New York Gypsy All-Stars

with Michal Urbaniak

• Arki Sound

• Panagiotis Andreou’s Festival Jam Band with special guests


*schedule is subject to change

FIRST HALF (doors at 1:00pm)


2:00 pm – Arki Sound

3:00 pm – Prasanna – All Terrain Guitar

4:00 pm – New York Gypsy All-Stars with special guest Michal Urbaniak

5:00 pm – Stephane Wrembel Band

6:00 pm – Gregoire Maret invites Edmar Castaneda

SECOND HALF (doors at 7:30pm)


8:00pm – Gregorio Uribe Big Band with special guest Sofia Rei

9:00 pm – Oran Etkin’s Kelenia

10:00 pm – Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba

11:00 pm – Slavic Soul Party! – Duke Ellington Far East Suite

12:00 pm -2:00 am – Panagiotis Andreou’s Festival Jam Band with special guests

Pangea Jazz Fest welcomes all press inquiries regarding artists and curation. For more information about the festival, any of our performing artists or to request press access, please contact the festival director Michael Katsobashvili at prometheus58@gmail.com

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