The Holo Holo Music Festival (FREE) | Sept. 9th & 10th, 2023

Tune in to Holo Holo Worldwide,
a Live Stream Benefit for Maui
September 9th & 10th
from the Toyota Amphitheatre at

@hawaiicommunityfoundation @chefhuihi

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Holo Holo Festival producer, Dan Sheehan says, “My love and beginnings in Hawai’i led us down the path to produce Cali Roots and in turn Holo Holo in Las Vegas and Northern California which brings us to today. Holo Holo allows us to showcase island reggae on a literal and proverbial big stage, so they can tell their stories to the world. Holo Holo is our love letter to Hawa’ii, to the friendships we’ve grown, to the music that fills our soul, to the Spirit of Aloha that has influenced how we operate our business and how we love and respect our music family. With all of that said, let us get to the point – with the deepest gratitude and love for the islands, Good Vibez will be streaming the Holo Holo Music Festival for free, live from the Toyota Amphitheater on September 9 & 10, 2023.”

The live stream will take place at

For more info regarding Livestream,
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More info on both nonprofits can be found here:

Created to provide community resilience with resources for disaster response and recovery and is on the front lines of meeting the needs of the people of Maui,

Feeding communities directly impacted by the devastation across the island and supporting restaurant and hospitality industry workers.

Mark Your Calendars for September 9 & 10 and tune in for free
to Holo Holo live from Northern California and help Maui.

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