The 1st Annual OUT MUSIC FESTIVAL – The Future is Pissed! January 29th-February 4th, 2024

The Future is Pissed!

January 29 thru February 4, 2024
7:30 till 10:30 PM • Sunday 3 to 6pm

Featuring : Tony Malaby • Tomeka Reid • William Parker • James Brandon Lewis • Miya Masaoka • Gerry Hemingway • Reggie Workman • Dave Burrell • Ava Mendoza • Val Jeanty • Luke Stewart and more

Arts for Art proudly presents the OUT MUSIC FESTIVAL – The Future is Pissed! The world is divided against itself. The earth is in jeopardy. This diverse community of cutting edge leaders of the avant-garde, creative improvised music and arts are doing their best with too little support. Their voices have been marginalized. As people of conscience and as creative people, we come together to support each other as we live, create, and work for a world with peace, compassion, justice, and the arts.

As an added attraction, the festival’s first night will feature a selection of fiery historic Out Music recordings, presented in partnership with Crossing Tones, an organization which rescues and shares recordings from the music’s past. The opening night will feature never heard recordings that underscore the deep roots of music.

On Saturday evening’s concert, Crossing Tones will feature a 6pm set of recorded sounds–this time honoring Peter Brotzmann (1941-2023) via a selection of rare historic recordings of his visits to the USA.

Jan 29

6 PM Crossing Tones Listening Session of rare historic recordings from the beginning of FreeJazz

7:30 Chris Williams History Dog
Chris Williams trumpet, elec. / Shara Lunon – voice, elec / Luke Stewart – bass, elec. /
Lesley Mok – drums

8:30 Ava Mendoza Solo guitar

9:30 Dave Burrell & Ellen Christi
Dave Burrell – composition, piano / Ellen Christi – voice

Jan 30

7:30 William Parker Organic Music
Daniel Carter – multi-instru / Cooper-Moore – multi-instr / William Parker – multi-instr

8:30 Michael TA Thompson Trio
Michael TA Thompson – drums / Sam Newsome – soprano extended
Michael Foster – saxophones, miscellaneous

9:30 Tomeka Reid & Surprise Guest – cello / vocals

Jan 31

7:30 Alfredo Colon Quartet
Alfredo Colon – sax / Alexis Marcelo – piano / Kevin Eichenberger – bass / Connor Parks – dr

8:30 Yasmine Lee Trio
Sita Chay – violin / Satoshi Takeishi – drums / Yasmine Lee – dance

9:30 Warren Smith Trio
Rod Williams – piano / Hilliard Greene – bass / Warren Smith – vocals, drums

Feb 1

7:30 Amir El Saffar Trio
Ole Mathisen – tenor sax / Amir ElSaffar – trumpet / Tomas Fujiwara – drums

8:30 BREW – record release
Gerry Hemingway – drums / Reggie Workman – bass / Miya Masaoka – koto

9:30 McPhee/Rosen
Joe McPhee – sax / Jay Rosen – drummer

Feb 2

7:30 James Brandon Lewis / Alexis Marcelo
James Brandon Lewis – sax / Alexis Marcelo – piano

8:30 Shamanic Principle
Val Jeanty – elec, perc / Patricia Nicholson – text, movement, video (Miriam Parker)

9:30 Tony Malaby Quartet
Tony Malaby – sax / Angelica Sanchez – piano / Mark Helias – bass / Billy Mintz – drums

Feb 3

6 PM Crossing Tones Listening Session of rare historic Peter Brotzman recordings

7:30 gabby & Charles
Charles Burnham – violin, voice / gabby fluke-mogul -– violin, voice

8:30 Davalois Fearon Music & Movement
Davalois Fearon & guest – dance / Mike McGinnis – clarinet, sax / Alan Mednard – drums

9:30 Jason Kao Hwang Critical Response
Jason Kao Hwang – composer electric violin / Anders Nilsson – electric guitar /
Michael TA Thompson – drums

Feb 4

3PM Luke Stewart Silt Trio
Brian Settles – tenor / Luke Stewart – bass / Trae Cruddup – drums

4PM Raymond Nat Turner – Poetry

5PM William Hooker trio
John King – guitar / Hilliard Greene – bass / William Hooker – drums, text

About Arts for Art

Founded in 1996, Arts for Art (AFA) is a New York City based nonprofit dedicated to the promotion and advancement of FreeJazz, which is recognized for its variety of highly developed and personalized improvisational languages. The music, dance, poetry and visual arts that AFA presents holds deep roots in Black and multicultural creativity. Moreover, it derives its energy from the tradition and power of free improvisation that was inspired by the Civil Rights struggle of the 1950’s and 60’s. Spearheaded by the acclaimed Vision Festival, AFA’s programming brings together generations of diverse and highly skilled artists. Additionally, AFA organizes education initiatives that further our goals of diversity and accessibility.

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Arts For Art

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