Live Recording – ‘Jazz Is Blue’ in Lansing, MI | April 26th, 2014

Multi-media Live Recording in Old Town:
‘Jazz Is Blue’

Lansing, MI., March 3, 2014:   The distinctively unique music outreach project TRY JAZZ kicks off their vision with a live studio audience recording at the Old Town Marquee in Old Town, Lansing on Saturday April 26th 2014. Album one, entitled ‘Jazz Is Blue’, is a ticketed experience where guests will participate in music video recording, still photography, hear world-class musicians, witness a live art demonstration and enjoy free compliments from the program. Two show seating’s are available, early show at 5:30pm and late show at 9:00pm, with full details listed at or

TRY JAZZ is a street roots concept using popular roots genres as a platform to showcase elements of Jazz improvisation and engage new audiences in instrumental music.  It hears the question ‘What IS Jazz?’ and responds with four bold experiences that affirm:  ‘Jazz Is Blue’; ‘Jazz Is Soul’;’ Jazz Is Funk’; ‘Jazz Is Now’.  In addition to producing wonderfully unique events, TRY JAZZ is a project with purpose. Recordings and appropriate charts will be made available for free to all high school and collegiate music programs as a barrier free opportunity for younger generations to explore Jazz and its historical significance in the development of popular music.

Album one, ‘Jazz Is Blue’, offers a night of deep, earthy Blues punctuated by regional powerhouse vocalist Twyla Birdsong. Band members include award winning musicians, international recording artists and professors of Jazz: Jim Alfredson, Sean Dobbins, Derrick Gardner, Brian Lange and Ralph Tope. In addition, Lansing artist, author and illustrator Mr. Julian VanDyke will be painting live during the performance. His artistic representation of the music will be donated to the project as the official print and album cover of ‘Jazz Is Blue’.
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